Statehouse Roundup: No major votes, but work behind the scenes

Posted at 7:01 PM, Mar 08, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-08 19:01:44-05

INDIANAPOLIS — This week at the statehouse, not a whole lot happened. Although, you know your lawmakers were working even if they didn't make any significant votes.

So what did they do?

The Senate this week started work on its version of the budget. To keep an eye on how much money, if any, will go toward your child's teachers.

The house budget boosted school funding, and lawmakers say they want that money to go to pay raises, but that decision will be up to local school districts.

Teachers are planning a rally and march on Saturday at the statehouse, and there is still talk among some teachers about a walkout, though the Indiana State Teachers Association has not endorsed that yet.

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Should 12-year-olds, charged with violent crimes, be treated as adults? There's a bill that would give judges the option to do so, and it's because of the shooting last year at Noblesville West Middle School. That suspect is 13-years-old and charged as a juvenile.

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A juvenile court judge told RTV6 that young people do not belong in the adult court and prison system.

"Children who are waived versus those who are retained re-offend more violently, more quickly and more frequently," Judge Marilyn Moores said.

But the bill has already passed the Senate easily - and it's now in a house committee.