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Trump calls out Rexnord a day after visiting Indianapolis to announce Carrier deal

Posted at 10:59 PM, Dec 02, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS -- Just a day after visiting Indianapolis, and announcing the details of his deal with Carrier that helped save over 700 jobs, President-elect Donald Trump is taking aim at Rexnord.

In a Tweet Friday evening, Trump condemned the company for their plan to move to Monterrey, Mexico that will cost nearly 350 employees their jobs. 

Rexnord announced their plan to move its Indianapolis operations to Monterrey, Mexico in October. That decision was made final just last month. 

One of Trump's campaign promises has been to stop companies from moving their operations out of the country. He's made it clear that he plans to implement higher taxes and other penalties for companies that follow through and leave the U.S. 

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Steelworkers Local Union leader in Indianapolis said they are "pleasantly surprised" by the Tweet and they welcome any help the President-elect is willing to offer to save Rexnord jobs. 

Rexnord released the details of their severance packages on Thursday. They are looking to eliminate health care for retired workers, pay workers a one-time payment of $500 and give them one week of pay for every two years of service as part of their severance package. 

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