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Indianapolis pedestrians, organizations raise awareness of vehicles driving on the Monon Trail

Posted at 10:15 PM, Jul 16, 2023
and last updated 2023-07-16 23:18:24-04

INDIANAPOLIS — The Monon Trail requires bicyclists and pedestrians to cross several busy streets but sometimes drivers make their way onto the trial.

“We started yelling at the car to get off the Monon and other pedestrians and cyclists that were on the trail were also yelling at that vehicle,” Jaden Montgomery said.

That’s when Montgomery snapped the following photos and submitted them to Indianapolis Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety Crisis.


“I think we have to hold these people accountable and make people aware that this is going on because that’s the only thing we can do to prevent these incidents and deaths,” Montgomery said.

Indianapolis Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety Crisis tracks reports of non-fatal crashes involving a pedestrian or a bicyclist, as well as fatalities and situations where pedestrian or bicyclist infrastructure is blocked.

“IMPD only tracks when an actual police report is taken, which doesn’t happen in every case where there’s an incident,” Eric Holt, Creator of Indianapolis Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety Crisis, said.

Holt says that includes when people are hit by a vehicle, and it isn’t fatal. He says so far this month, there have been 35 non-fatal incidents.

“I thought I knew how bad it was out there being a cyclist and someone who walks on the trails myself. I was seeing how bad things were and even I was shocked by the data,” Holt said. “I continue to be shocked by that data as it comes in month after month.”

Montgomery is an avid rollerblader and uses the Monon to go to work, school and downtown.

“I’ll often have to sit there and wait until there’s a considerate driver that realizes it’s the Monon and come to a complete stop,” Montgomery said.

Montgomery and Holt hope that by reporting instances of vehicles on pedestrian and cyclist infrastructure, the city will take action.

“With enough hard data I think it’ll make it a lot easier to say these are hot spots and where a lot of incidents are happening at once,” Holt said.

Indianapolis Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety Crisis says the data they compiled last year encourages the city of Indianapolis to add trial bollards to several crossings along the Monon. They are hoping more will be added soon.

The organization encourages anyone to report cars on the Monon to them directly on their website.