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Indianapolis troopers reports increase in interstate shootings

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Posted at 1:10 PM, Jul 03, 2021

INDIANAPOLIS — Indiana State Police troopers in the Indianapolis district are reporting an increase in interstate shooting investigations in 2021.

There have been 30 incidents so far this year, compared to 23 during all of 2020. There were nine incidents in 2018 and nine in 2019.

ISP says road rage initiated most of the 2021 incidents.

"Indiana State Police strongly discourages anyone from engaging in road rage. You don't know who is in that other vehicle," Sgt. John Perrine with Indiana State Police said. "Whether you're the aggressor or the target, do what you can to separate yourself from that situation legally. But also immediately report that information to 911. "

Callers should attempt to gather as much identifying information about the vehicles involved, even if a license plate number can not be obtained.

"We ask people to stay vigilant. We need witness information, we need witness accounts of these incidents so if you see a road rage incident unfolding that maybe doesn't lead to gunfire that you see, we're still asking folks to report that because they could have valuable information for our investigation," Perrine said.

ISP offers the following advice if you find yourself a target of a road rage incident:

  • Remain calm, agitation or counter aggressive maneuvers can escalate the situation
  • Drive away from the aggressor by using a turn signal to change lanes, allowing the aggressor to pass, exit the highway, stop in a well-lit populated area
  • If stopped in traffic or in an area where you must stop due to a stop sign or stop light, ensure all of your car doors are locked and leave yourself a path of escape
  • Immediately report the incident to police by calling 911 (the Indiana Hands Free Law allows you to use a cell phone while driving to report an emergency to 911)