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Runaways allegedly brought to Colorado for sex

Posted at 5:29 AM, Sep 22, 2015

An HIV-positive man allegedly kept a house full of a dozen young runaways in Aurora, where he provided the boys with living essentials in exchange for sexual acts.

Sean Travis Crumpler, 48, is charged in Arapahoe County with 11 felonies and one sentence enhancer:

  • Two counts of Trafficking Sexual Servitude of a Minor
  • Four counts of Pattern of Sex Assault of a Child/Position of Trust
  • Three counts of Sexual Contact - Coerce Child
  • Two counts of Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor
  • One count of Sex Offense with Notice of HIV (sentence enhancer)

Throughout a 15-page affidavit, an Aurora detective describes in graphic detail the sexual acts reported by various victims who were interviewed by police in California and Aurora.

Many of the disturbing details are difficult to keep straight because so many names are redacted throughout the document, but certain themes are clear, including that Crumpler was described as "sugar daddy" who provided the boys with housing, clothing, money, drugs and alcohol in exchange for sex.

"I asked (name redacted) to describe what was happening at that house, specifically why an older male had younger males in there," the detective wrote in the affidavit. "(He) answered, 'we have sex and he gives us stuff.'"

At least three of the interviewees told investigators with Aurora Police and the FBI that Crumpler was HIV-positive. One also added that condoms were never used by anyone in the house.

Another theme repeating throughout the interviews described in the affidavit was that "new boys" in the house were taken upstairs to engage in numerous sexual acts with Crumpler and others in the house. Crumpler was also described by the interviewees as directing or encouraging the teens in the house to have sex.  

Crumpler is a registered sex offender, according to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, because he was convicted of felony solicitation of sex acts in California in 2004.