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Toxic blue-green algae making pets sick has been detected in Indiana Lakes

Going into the water? Beware of blue-green algae
Posted at 4:41 PM, Aug 13, 2019

INDIANAPOLIS — What may look like innocent swims are making dogs really sick — and, in some cases, killing them.

It's happened in Georgia, Texas, and North Carolina. Now, it's been detected in Indiana lakes, according to the Indiana Department of Environmental Management.

IDEM, the Indiana Department of Natural Resource and the Indiana State Department of Health has advised Hoosiers to be aware of the possible high-levels of blue-green algae in the state's lakes.

So far, IDEM has detected the toxic algae in the following lakes:

  • Fort Harrison State Park Dog Park Lake
  • North Route:
    • Potato Creek State Park - Worster Lake
    • Mississinewa Lake - Miami State Recreation Area
    • Salamonie Lake - Lost Bridge West SRA
    • Sand Lake – Chain O’Lakes State Park
    • Lake James - Pokagon State Park
    • Lake James - Pokagon State Park Inn
    • Kunkel Lake - Ouabache State Park
  • South Route
    • Lake Monroe - Paynetown SRA
    • Lake Monroe - Fairfax SRA
    • Starve Hollow Lake - Starve Hollow SRA
    • Hardy Lake – Hardy Lake State Recreation Area
    • Cecil M. Harden Lake - Raccoon Lake SRA
    • Brookville Lake - Mounds SRA
    • Brookville Lake - Quakertown SRA
    • Whitewater Lake - Whitewater Memorial State Park
    • Deam Lake – Deam Lake SRA

Swimming and boating are still permitted in the lakes, according to IDEM's website. Officials say to avoid swallowing water while swimming and to take a bath or shower with warm soapy water after coming in contact with lake water.

Officials also say not to allow your pets to swim or drink water where algae are present.

One family in North Carolina had taken their three dogs to a pond, and all three got sick. Two of the dogs started having seizures almost immediately.

Unfortunately, all three died within two days.

Vets say to get medical attention as soon as possible if you think they're sick from algae.

The toxic algae can stick on a dog's fur, according to vets. Pet owners should bath dogs after they swim.

The algae are usually found in shallow water when it gets hot outside. Blue-green algae can be found all over the country.

IDEM says they will continue to sample and update their website of their findings til the week of August 26.