911 call after lion attack of IU grad released, N.C. Conservators cooperating w/ investigators

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Posted at 8:14 PM, Jan 01, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-02 07:55:11-05

BURLINGTON N.C. — The emergency call made after the lion attack of 22-year-old, Alexandra Black, was released yesterday.

The call starts with a woman calmly telling the 911 dispatcher, "We have had a lion attack."

"They’re incapacitated," the woman told the dispatcher 40 seconds into the call.

When the dispatcher asked, "how old is he?" the woman answered 14. The age of the lion.

"The person that's hurt," the dispatcher replied.

After a few formalities, the dispatcher finds out that the lion had been contained.

No one else was reported hurt.

The lion "had been locked into a separate holding enclosure" but somehow managed to enter where the team was working. Where the lion attacked Black.

The 2018 Indiana University graduate had only been an intern with the North Carolina animal conservation center for ten days.

It was is still not entirely clear how the lion escaped.

The attorney for the Conservators Center tells ABC they're "fully cooperating" with a number of government agencies, at this time.

The agencies include USDA, North Carolina Department of Labor & Caswell County Sheriffs Department.