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Teacher accused of squeezing 11 students in car to run errand

Posted at 2:52 PM, Nov 03, 2014

An Oklahoma teacher's job is on the line after allegations of wrongdoing.

Heather Cagle, who teaches math and yearbook at Wells Middle School in Catoosa, is accused of loading nearly a dozen students into her car for an errand. Two of those students are alleged to have ridden in the trunk.

A police report was filed Oct. 30 by one of the children's guardians. According to the complaint, the woman's granddaughter told her she was one of 11 students loaded into Cagle's car Oct. 21 for a trip to Walmart for snacks.

According to the complaint, the "students were piled in (the) car with no seatbelts on and two (children) in the trunk."

The complaint says the children walked around the store unsupervised before heading back to school, and the woman says Cagle did not have permission to take her granddaughter off school grounds.

On Monday, a special board meeting resulted in Cagle's suspension. While the superintendent recommended Cagle be fired, the board was split on their decision. 

Cagle's future with the district will be announced at a December hearing.

Tulsa television station KJRH is reporting this story here.