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100-year-old celebrates birthday with community motorcycle ride

Posted at 5:41 PM, Jul 09, 2023
and last updated 2023-07-09 17:41:21-04

PINCONNING, Michigan (WNEM) — A grandma is living wild and free at the age of 100 making the best of every day.

Opal Gault a Pinconning resident is turning 100 years old and shares her secret to a long life with Hannah Jewell.

“Just keep right on living...and make the best of every day,” Gault said.

Opal’s daughter Jenny Roth said her mom raised eight children pretty much by herself while working as a waitress.

The family knew they had to do something special for their now great great great grandmother.

“She’s had a fascination with motorcycles all her life. She as a child would get on the sidecar of her uncle’s motorcycle,” Roth said.

Opal’s family put a call to action for her 100 birthday.

“We put it on Facebook that we were looking for 100 because she is turning 100. And it has just blossomed,” Roth said.

Jewell reported that despite the rain the community really turned out for Gault with more than 200 motorcyclists hitting the road bringing back fond memories for Gault.

“Enjoy, that’s my motto you know. Enjoy. Enjoy. Enjoy.” Gault said.

Gault has no plans on slowing her role any time soon.