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7 taken to hospital, dozens more hurt as hail pummels Red Rocks concertgoers

80 to 90 people were treated at the famous venue, according to West Metro Fire Rescue
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Red Rocks hail 6-21-23
Posted at 12:35 AM, Jun 22, 2023
and last updated 2023-06-22 16:58:54-04

MORRISON, Colo. — Seven people were taken to a hospital and dozens more were hurt as a hailstorm pummeled concertgoers at Red Rocks Amphitheater Wednesday evening.

According to West Metro Fire, those who were taken to the hospital had non-life-threatening injuries. As many as 80 to 90 more people were treated for injuries at Red Rocks, WMFR wrote on Twitter just before midnight.

Injuries included cuts and broken bones, according to the agency.
The hailstorm pounded the famous Colorado venue ahead of a Louis Tomlinson concert.

Videos show chaos as hail slams Red Rocks injuring concertgoers

Several videos sent into the Denver7 newsroom showed concertgoers fleeing for safety as heavy hail fell.

One person claimed to have suffered a broken finger from being struck by hail. Another shared video with Denver7 of the moment he hid under a folding table to avoid the hail storm. A separate video showed a thick blanket of hail that looked like snow on the grounds of the venue late in the evening.

"We were huddled down and there was so many people just trying to get through or cover themselves. And we didn't even realize until we were trying to leave that we didn't have our keys and everything was getting washed away because it was so bad," Marissa and Kellie, two concertgoers said, told Denver7.

Tomlinson, formerly with beloved boy band One Direction, was set to take the stage Wednesday. The show was pushed back at least twice due to the weather.

"They gave a warning real quick. They were like 'there's severe, severe, severe weather. You should head to your cars, could be including hail. T minus 10 seconds. People were walking down as fast as they could, and this hail starting pelting everyone in the head," Marissa and Kellie said.

At 10:25 p.m., Red Rocks said the show was officially postponed. The venue said it would have more information for ticket holders soon.

"All of a sudden, people started running. They were tripping over each other, screaming in agony. We were trying to run for cover. It was like a movie. We have so many goose eggs; we have bruises on ourselves; babies were crying. It was scary," Marissa and Kellie described.

Tomlinson said in a tweet he hopes everyone is OK and is "sending you all love."

Severe weather swept across a large swath of the state throughout the afternoon and evening hours Wednesday. Multiple tornadoes and large hail were spotted on the eastern plains.

Hail pummels Red Rocks concertgoers

"We tried to get to the gate so we could get to our car. But they closed the gate, I guess for flooding, so we didn't get swept down the hill. And so we were all just trying to- yeah, we were all just huddled around each other," August Lowem, another concertgoer told Denver7.

A friend of Lowem's described going to the concession stand where there were a couple girls having panic attacks. "There was a lot of hysteria," she said.

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