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Couple re-create blind date photo shoot at wedding

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Posted at 7:56 PM, Nov 19, 2023
and last updated 2023-11-19 19:57:39-05

Two strangers first met in August 2022 through a blind date photo shoot.

Less than a year later, the two were engaged, and when they married in October, they re-created their original photo shoot.

It was Aug. 28, 2022, when Colt Reese first met his future wife Savannah Reese. It also happened to be his birthday.

"My friend asked me to do [the shoot] and said that I would have fun, and she thought that I would like the girl that was going to be [there]," the 28-year-old told "Good Morning America." "I said, 'Sure, why not?'"

Savannah Reese was the one who had the idea to do the blind date photo shoot and reached out to photographer Hannah Brink of Three C Photography in Cincinnati, Ohio.

"We started chatting about it a little bit and then I kind of got a feel of what she was looking for in a partner. So I made a post looking for single men and just asking for recommendations of who people thought would fit the bill, and then Colt was recommended to me," Brink explained

They all agreed to meet at East Fork Lake in Bethel, Ohio, and soon, the sparks were flying.

"When I actually saw [Savannah's] laugh in person, that's kind of when I was hooked," Colt Reese said.

"The whole time we just laughed, and it was just the best date I've ever been on," Savannah Reese, 24, recalled.

Brink noticed immediately the two strangers had chemistry too.

"The second they turned around, it was like they were friends. They were immediately having conversation, nonstop laughing. He literally could not take his eyes off of her," Brink said, adding that "they were hugging and kissing, like they had been doing it forever."

Afterward, Brink even joked to Savannah Reese that she better receive an invitation to their wedding.

Little did the trio know that they would soon be re-creating poses from the blind date photo shoot.

At their Oct. 21 wedding in Goshen, Ohio, the Reeses posed again, re-creating their favorite photos from their first encounter.

"I didn't know this at the time. I knew my parents had met on a blind date … but where we did our photo shoot at [the lake] was where my dad proposed to my mom. So, it kind of came full circle," Savannah Reese said.

The three hope to continue their special tradition, and Brink is planning on photographing them soon again, as the Reeses are now expecting a baby.

"Our next pictures with Hannah will be maternity pictures. We're expecting a little boy now. So, that'll be our next stage," Savannah Reese revealed.

Both the Reeses and Brink say this unusual love story shows that it's worth taking a chance on love.

"I went into it with an open mind, even though I was hesitant," Colt Reese said. "I figured I was just gonna go into it and meet someone [who would] be fun to have a beer with or talk to, but nothing like a relationship or anything. I didn't think that, but then, I ended up finding the girl of my dreams."

"You never know what could happen with anything in life. If you take the chance, you step out on faith, whatever it is that you do, just go for it, because it could result in a life-changing moment," Brink added. "You could find your forever partner. You could find a career, whatever it may be. Just step out in faith."