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Report: Student 'dreamed about killing everyone'

Posted at 6:11 PM, Sep 17, 2015

BLUE ASH, Ohio -- An 18-year-old student was expelled from the Cincinnati School of Medical Massage after a classmate said she was talking over lunch about different ways to kill people and dispose of their bodies, according to a police report.

Student Brandi Wilson, 29, said the woman claimed she knew 21 different ways to kill people and 14 different ways to dispose of a body.

Wilson said the student told her she "daydreams in class about how she would kill everyone" and that she was writing a book about a serial killer, requiring extensive research on murder.

The conversation prompted a call to the Blue Ash Police Department. Officers James Wimmers, Gary McNeal and Dane Baumgartner arrived at the school last Wednesday at about 2 p.m.

Wilson said she asked the student "if (she) was an exception" to the classmates she wanted to kill, according to her statement to police.

"She said (I was) at the moment, until I piss her off," Wilson told police, according to the report. "She said once I piss her off she probably wouldn't kill me, she would just torture me and maim me since I have a kid, and she likes kids. She said this all completely seriously and calmly, not in a joking matter."

Wilson told police she did not feel immediately in danger and did not want to press charges, but that she wanted police to know about the conversation, the report states.

The student who made the comments told police that the conversation about killing people was in reference to the novel she is working on and she had no intention of actually harming her classmates, according to the police report.

Blue Ash Police Chief Paul Hartinger called the incident a "he said, she said" situation and that the responding officers agreed the student did not pose an immediate threat.

CSMM spokesman Dave Drake said, "The safety of our students is our utmost priority -- keeping them safe so that they can learn is what we're here for. We went with (Blue Ash Police's) guidance, and because they did not feel the need to press charges, we responded from there."

Drake said the student was "remorseful" and said she had a "morbid sense of humor," but that school administrators still felt uncomfortable. The school expelled her after police filed the incident report, police said.

Drake said the students have been moved from the back of the building to the front, closer to the administrative offices, and that the building's doors have been locked.

RTV6's sister station WCPO has reached out to both the student who filed the report, as well as the student who was expelled, but have yet to hear back.