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Daughter moves into senior living facility to spend more time with mother

Posted at 6:33 PM, May 11, 2024
and last updated 2024-05-11 18:33:38-04

NORTH TEXAS (KTVT) — Cheryl Wright and her 90-year-old mother Elisabeth have always been close.

"She has seven kids. I am the second youngest. She is just a fantastic mom," Wright said.

When a fall led to a major hip injury last October, it changed the course of daily life and her need for full-time care.

"We just roll with things and try to do the best with the situation," Wright said.

Her mother has nurses and aides but rather than watching her recover alone, Wright made a decision that would change both of their lives.

"We didn't know if something like this was possible," Wright said.

She moved into her mother's Dallas senior living community with her.

"You hear that and you're like, 'What?' But I love these ladies and the gentleman that are here," Wright said.

From tea parties to resident events at the Preston of the Park Cities, their bond is inseparable.

"It's so awesome, it's a community," Wright said. "I get to wake up in the morning and just do things with my mom."

She embraces that caring for her mother doesn't feel like a burden, but a gift.

"It's wonderful ... I think the biggest gift you can give," Wright said. "When your parents are a certain age is to make their lives as happy as possible."

She now gets to spend each day making every moment count. She says this Mother's Day in their new home will be the most special of all.

"I am just giving back to her what she poured into me," Wright said. "I love her because she loved me so much."