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Abandoned home falling apart and impacting neighbors

Posted at 5:57 PM, Apr 19, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-19 17:57:54-04

INDIANAPOLIS — It's not just an eyesore, and now a vacant home near German Church and Brookville Road on the southeast side is impacting people who live near it.

David Schill has done everything right. He's called the Mayor's Action Center. He's gotten code enforcement to come and investigate. Cases have been opened, but violations and an unsafe structure remain.

"I found 14 violations for this address, dating back to last May, varying from high grass, unsafe structure, the siding falling off and into neighbors' yards," Schill said. "People who live nearby are sick of it. I spoke with the man who collected all these pieces by himself."

The property has sat empty since the home was foreclosed on about a year ago. A company called Lakeview Loan Servicing now owns it.

Because repairs have yet to be made, a property tax lien has been imposed, holding the owner to their debt.

"We filed a complaint with the Mayor's Action Center, and every couple months I refiled a complaint and heard no action," Schill said. "They city inspector once said, 'Well, we've got the report' and that's all we heard."

The company is now racking up fees, totaling $880 so far.

We tried reaching a representative at the loan servicing company several times Friday. No one has been able to provide information about this property. The city said the next step is to go to court when owners are unwilling to cooperate.

"I'm afraid it's just going to keep deteriorating and we are going to have break-ins and people living in there, vagrants," Schill said.