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Anderson family looking for answers after kids don't show up on school bus

Posted at 1:01 AM, Aug 02, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-02 01:01:19-04

ANDERSON — It was an ordinary and exciting start to the school year Wednesday morning ... until it was time for Breanna Kelly's kids to come home.

Her mom, Helen Parsons, was waiting, but only one of them was dropped off when their bus stopped by. Two of the kids were missing, including 5-year-old Ethan.

"They never dropped off the other two they were gone," Parsons said. "They told us they didn't know where (Ethan) was. They couldn't locate him."

Kelly started to panic.

"My son, he didn't come home at all. They brought him back to the school and we had to go pick him up," Kelly said. "It was almost 6 o'clock before I got my son back. They put him on the wrong bus. He was on another bus and they couldn't locate him for the longest time.

Parsons was waiting for him at the school.

"What do you mean you're gonna try to find him? That's my grandson. You're gonna find him, or else," Parsons said.

Anderson superintendent Tim Smith said in a voicemail that no kids were lost and they had some transportation issues.

"Are you freaking serious?" Parsons said after she listened to the voicemail.

Smith continued saying it was nothing out of the ordinary and nothing catastrophic happened.

"But what if it was his kid?" Parsons asked?

Last week, RTV6 heard from other Anderson parents who were confused about how the district's bus system is working this year.

A new intermediate school just opened, so kids for that school have to wait while their bus stops at Tenth Street Elementary School first, then continues to the new campus. We asked the district how that system is working so far, and they have not responded.

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