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Apartment break-ins unnerve Fishers residents

Posted at 1:05 AM, Jun 15, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-15 01:05:32-04

FISHERS — It's not often that break-ins are reported in Fishers, but it's happened 10 times this at apartment complexes in the normally quiet city.

Donna Arthur is just thankful she was out of town when someone kicked in her door.

"It's terrible. You just feel violated," Arthur said. "The police called and said the apartment had been broken into."

Her neighbor noticed first because the criminals left her patio door open. Arthur said her neighbor worried she might be hurt.

"He came in and called for me and looked around, and I wasn't there," she said.

Arthur's front door had to be replaced, and they left a mess inside.

""They had taken my file cabinets out here and dumped everything on the floor," she said.

Arthur was not the only victim. Ten homes at five different complexes were broken into between June 1 and 10. Fishers police aren't saying they're all connected, but they say there are similarities in all 10.

"There's too much of the construction and new people coming in," Arthur said. "They're attracting bad influences."

She's lived in the Sunblest Apartments for 20 years and never had an incident before this month.

"There have never been break-ins here before," Arthur said.

Now Fishers police want people to pay attention when you come and go from your home, and say you should always report any suspicious people, car and activity to police by calling 911.

"Just be careful," Arthur said.

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