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Apartment complex finally fixes broken water heater

Posted at 11:20 PM, Oct 11, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-11 23:20:26-04

INDIANAPOLIS — Residents at an apartment complex in Speedway have hot water again three days after reaching out to RTV6 for help.

Tiffany Strate said the last year of living at Lexington Green and Villa Capri has been quite the headache.

"I'm out of here next month, but at least it'll help future residents," Strate said.

After being without hot water for almost a week, Strate didn't think her complex was going to fix the problem, so she called RTV6.

"Sometimes, somebody just needs that extra uh, 'You need to be doing this, you're not doing this, you're falling short," Strate said.

Barratt Asset Management, the company that owns the apartment complex never returned a request for comment, but we're still pressing them for answers about why it took RTV6 getting involved to get the ball rolling.

The Marion County Health Department also got involved. Their inspectors saw work crews getting ready to install a water heater, addressing the complaint.

Strate said she is cautiously optimistic about the apartment complex getting things in order because it took so long to fix the broken water heater. RTV6 will continue reaching out to Barratt Asset Management to see how they are addressing maintenance concerns.

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