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As weather warms, police warn of car break-ins

Posted at 10:50 PM, Apr 03, 2019

INDIANAPOLIS — Now that temperatures are rising and there are more chances for people to get outside to enjoy the weather - police warn that criminals are looking to do the same.

Police call it a crime of opportunity. In this case, the crooks left a pile of broken glass in their wake and the mother of a young child unable to drive her truck.

What happened to Kallista Rose took place in broad daylight.

"It's not right to break into people's property," Rose said. "When we got back we saw that the truck was broken into."

Rose was staying with a friend near 52nd Street and Keystone Avenue when someone broke into her truck. The incident was caught on a neighbors surveillance camera.

A man in a gray jacket pops the hood of a car next to Rose's and appears to perform some routine maintenance, adding fluid. The man then pops the hood of the truck he came in before turning his attention to Rose's truck.

"He was messing with the door handle first, and then he broke it - he broke the window," Rose said.

Rose says her radio and a subwoofer were stolen.

"It's hard because now we only have one vehicle, but I'm managing with my van right now," Rose said.

Rose uses a wheelchair to get around and says the crook damaged her ignition making the car hard to start.

In the last week, there were over 200 car break-ins reported to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, including one on Broadway Street and another on East 50th Street. In both of those cases, the crooks broke out the car windows to get in.

Police say there are a few things you can do to protect your items:
Always lock your vehicle (even while driving).
When parked, leave all windows - including the sunroof - closed.
Park in well-lit areas.
Never leave your car unattended if it's running.

If you have any information on who smashed out that truck's window, leaving Rose's vehicle inoperable, you can call CrimeStoppers.