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'Be who you needed when you were younger': Effort to bring more diverse teachers to classroom

Posted at 1:46 PM, Apr 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-23 13:46:58-04

INDIANAPOLIS — Diversity equals representation. It gives Black and brown students the opportunity to see themselves in those they are learning from, and that's why there's a big push to make sure that reflection shines through.

“My physical presence, just being a young Black teacher who likes to do her makeup, to have her hair in trendy convenient styles, it promotes a different buy-in from students,” said 8th grade STEM teacher Faydrian Pearson.

For Pearson, teaching is a labor of love.

“I teach math, and a lot of people already have a disdain for it before they get there. I love getting them from the point where they dislike math to where they say, 'this is easy.' That's what I love,” said Pearson.

She says diversity matters in the classroom because sometimes students and even parents need to relate to an educator in order to commit to learning from them.

“I’ve been teaching four years and they usually tell you five years is the limit. I don't think I’m maxed out yet even during a pandemic,” said Pearson.

She says especially in diverse school districts. have teachers who reflect the student body makes a difference.

"Well, if she looks like that and she can do it I can too," said Pearson.

In May, "Black Teachers Educate," "Educate Me," and "Young Black Educators" will be hosting a Black teacher's recruitment fair.

“Be who you needed when you were younger if you care about tomorrow this is the calling for you,” said Pearson.

Schools and educators can register for the event designed to push diversity in education forward. Click here to sign up.


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