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Brownsburg owner doesn't think his dog should be euthanized

Posted at 6:34 PM, Mar 27, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-27 18:34:46-04

BROWNSBURG — Dee Dee, a 167 pound St. Bernard, is being held in the Hendricks County Animal Control facility in Danville. Her life is on the line.

"When they came to get her Monday, they made no bones about the fact that in 10 days she was gonna be euthanize because of what they called her third strike," George Austin, Dee Dee's owner, said.

In a video (in the player above), Dee Dee is frolicking with her friend Gunny, a Border Collie and St. Bernard Mix. Both belong to their 55-year-old owner, Austin, and are usually kept in the fenced yard.

Austin admits that Dee Dee has escaped before. Once because of a broken harness, another time because of a broken cable, and the last time when he accidentally left the door open for her to get out - and she clashed with another dog.

The B&O trail runs behind Austin's house. He said the whole situation could have been avoided if a barrier that he was promised had been built.

Austin owned the land behind his house and donated it so that the trail could be built. A path that the entire community now uses for recreation.

The Hendricks County Animal Control Ordinance says the shelter may, in its discretion, have the dangerous or potentially dangerous animal humanely destroyed. In a statement the attorney representing the county told RTV6, Dee Dee is not going to be euthanized today or tomorrow.

"They have promised to notify us before they would request any destruction or euthanasia of the dog at this time," Austin's attorney, Kelly Thompson, said. "If they move forward with that we'll have to move forward with a hearing to see if we can get a reprieve for the dog at that point."

"I'm disabled. That dog is my life," Austin said. "She runs this household. She is the heartbeat of what is going on in my life. I don't want her executed."

Austin is very emotional. He has visited Dee Dee but says he won't anymore until this is settled.

Police are posted at the facility in case of any trouble.

Austin said he just wants his dog home.