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Brownsburg rezoning battle continues

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Posted at 12:22 AM, Sep 24, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-24 16:58:00-04

BROWNSBURG — A battle over a piece of land in Brownsburg continues. On Thursday night, the Brownsburg Town Council considered a request to rezone land near 400 north and Ronald Reagan Parkway from "multi-family residential" to "industrial commercial development."

During the meeting, one resident asked people who were against the project to stand up. Nearly everyone in attendance did so.

The council voted to hold another reading in two weeks to discuss a conditional rezoning of the area.

Pam Sheads and several other neighbors say they don't want to live down the street from a warehouse.

"There are multiple other parcels in Brownsburg where this building would be welcome and would fit and we certainly understand the development of that property will probably occur, we would look forward to something with less intensity," Sheads said. "Maybe a motorsports company, since Lucas Oil is down the street it would make sense to us that a motorsports company would come in. They need more room, we have more room, let's find a compliment to one another here in Brownsburg."

On Wednesday, the Brownsburg Town Council Vice President spoke with WRTV saying councilors are taking the concerns of neighbors into consideration. But he says the council is responsible for doing what's best for the town.

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