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Butler-Tarkington neighbors bonding together to fight crime

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Posted at 5:57 PM, Sep 25, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-25 19:31:24-04

INDIANAPOLIS — Neighbors are coming together after a recent outbreak of thefts and burglaries on the north side of Indianapolis.

Over the last several weeks, people living in the Butler-Tarkington neighborhood have been the target of recent crimes of package thefts, car break-ins, and even burglaries.

One woman impacted by the recent crimes says she is not letting this defeat her, but instead letting it motivate her to fight back.

"Report something even though you think it's insignificant — it might not be to somebody else," Brigid Clarke, who started a neighborhood crime watch group, said. "It might be the key for something else. Just communicate."

Clarke is taking charge by starting a neighborhood crime watch group in Butler-Tarkington. The group comes after finding someone went though her car last month.

"It's just not acceptable behavior, and this isn't the norm, and we cannot just sit by and let it happen," Clarke said.

"One - they are tired of crime, and they want to participate," Bryan Bradford, Butler-Tarkington Neighborhood Association president, said. "Everybody wants this neighborhood to be a great neighborhood for not only us but our kids to be raised in and to be safe. And I really appreciate her [Clarke] taking charge of that."

Bradford says the area has faced challenges over the years, but they've worked hard to take their neighborhood back.

"We haven't had a homicide in this neighborhood in over three years, and that's a big accomplishment," Bradford said.

However, this recent string of crime has people worried. Indianapolis Metro police records show several thefts, burglaries and property crime in just the last month.

"They are concerned, they are concerned about their safety, and they have every right to be," Bradford said. "These burglaries have been happening in broad daylight a lot of times people could be home; fortunately, no one has been home. Nobody has gotten hurt, so we are dealt with glad of that."

Bradford says he reached out to IMPD and they are increasing patrols. He hopes that with the help of the crime watch group, they can put a stop to the recent crime.

How you can start your own crime watch group to keep your neighborhood safe:

A CrimeWatch specialist can help you form a crime watch group in your neighborhood. You can find a CrimeWatch specialist by checking for a specialist in your police district.

Downtown District
Officer Kimberly Evans

East District
Steve Talley

North District
Gerardo Becerra

Northwest District
Kim Taylor

Southeast District
Ann Westropp

Southwest District
Paula Barnes

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