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Carmel residents fighting to review geese control options

Posted at 9:43 PM, Jun 29, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-01 21:49:42-04

UPDATE: On Wednesday, a letter from the Lexington Farms Homeowners Association told residents in the Carmel community that they did not get a response from the goose trapping vendor in time to secure a permit from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. The goose molting season ends in early July and therefore the HOA can not do the goose trapping this year.

According to the letter sent to residents, the HOA board is forming an advisory goose committee to "explore potential solutions subject to budget and logistical constraints."

Original story:

CARMEL — The debate continues over what to do with the 70 geese that were supposed to be euthanized in Carmel.

The homeowner's association doesn't have permission to follow through with their plan to kill the birds just yet.

Since RTV6 first aired the story, dozens of people have emailed and called about them. Some in a hurry to save the birds and others in a rush to see them gone. RTV6 has attempted repeatedly to hear from the HOA in the Lexington Farms neighborhood to get their side of the story. Representatives of the HOA keep saying that will respond but have not given an interview or a statement about the situation.

"The bottom line is if it has to be done that the geese are removed why slaughter them, why euthanize them," Barbara Desimine said.

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Desimine has been living in Lexington Farms for a long time and as long as she can remember the geese have always been around but now they are in danger of disappearing.

"In the scheme of things with everything that is going on in the world people being killed in the streets are these geese really the biggest issue for us to be dealing with?" Desimine said.

But since this is such a major issue for the residents of Lexington Farms and many people care deeply what happens to the geese RTV6 checked with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources to see if the geese could be killed. Officials with the DNR said a special permit is needed for geese control and the HOA has not received their permission nor have they put in a request for such a permit.

So for now it looks like the geese are safe.

"We are going to be having a board meeting July 9 and they said hopefully this will be up for discussion and someone mentioned the possibility of a goose committee," Nancy Tate, a Lexington Farms resident, said.

People on both sides of the geese discussion said they are open to discussing options other than killing the geese.

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