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Celebrating the life of fallen ISP Trooper Aaron Smith at Bargersville crossfit facility

Posted at 6:49 PM, Jul 30, 2023
and last updated 2023-08-18 10:41:08-04

BARGERSVILLE, Ind. — In Bargersville Sunday, a large community of people gathered to celebrate a life of service and honor someone who made the ultimate sacrifice.

CGX Crossfit's parking lot was filled with food trucks, vendors, kids playing and sounds of music.

Celebration of Life
People gathered to remember Aaron Smith.

The wedding song of two soulmates played for the hundred or so people who stood around in support.

Today was a day to honor fallen Indiana State Trooper Aaron Smith, who was killed just over a month ago in the line of duty in Hendricks County while trying to deescalate a police pursuit.

Aaron left behind his bride, Megan, who was in attendance, as well as parents and siblings.

Celebration of life
Many of Aaron's family and friends were in attendance.

Fellow members of the Indiana State Police gathered around, as well as members of his CrossFit gym.

It's a workout facility that is even more about community than it is about lifting weights or getting in shape.

It is where Aaron and his wife worked out and forged lifelong friendships.

Q Moore has been coming here for about 4 years now, just about as long as Aaron and Megan.

Workout buddy
Q Moore says he met Aaron and Megan through their gym and became friends.

"I am the loud mouth of the gym, so always here just to push people, encourage people," said Moore, who was a workout partner of Aaron's. "And so that's kind of how I met Megan is because I was screaming at her to encourage her, to push her, and over the course of years being here, just developed a tremendous relationship with those guys."

Moore shows off the back corner of the gym where he says Aaron spent most of his time.

This equipment is where Aaron used to workout. It will forever carry this thin blue line.

He describes Aaron as a soft-spoken, humble guy who didn't want any attention on him. He says the two would joke around together while working out — two opposite personalities that formed a close friendship.

Moore says Aaron never wanted any recognition for his good deeds, but he deserves the memorial and tribute today.

The Aaron Smith memorial full of many memories of his life and service.

"My dad always said, you can tell what type of person someone was after they pass away and the amount of people who come to remember that person," said Moore. "I went to the showing and it was phenomenal, and then just this, in general, I mean just no shadow of a doubt about it how great of a person Aaron was and also how great of a person Megan is."

Moore shows the blue line on the equipment where Aaron worked out. The symbol of him will stay in the gym, just like the people in this gym plan to stay by Megan's side through tough times ahead.

CGX CrossFit hosted the celebration of life and workouts.

"We want Megan to know that she is not in this by herself. God created us to be in community and we just want Megan to be able to feel that. We just want to support her, not just on this day, but for as long as we can," said Moore. "We back up our first responders, our officers and anybody that's in that field."

On the board in the back of the gym reads the Aaron Smith Memorial Workout of the Day. Throughout the day Sunday, many people came to the gym to exercise for him.

Workout of the Day
This is the Aaron Smith workout many people took part in today.

CGX CrossFit raised funds to support this family. They announced that this memorial event will happen every year from now on, on this date.

They are also setting up a memorial scholarship fund in his name and want Megan to help decide how that scholarship will be awarded.

Celebration of Life
People gathered to remember Aaron Smith.

If you want to support Megan and Aaron's family, you can donate to the official site here:

You can also donate in person at an Indiana Members Credit Union.

The "Aaron Smith Memorial Fund" is the only official fund in Trooper Smith's name.

Anyone can make a donation by stopping in the nearest IMCU branch or calling 800-556-9268.

There is a branch in Trooper Smith’s hometown in Franklin.