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City-County Council to vote on civilians oversight board of IMPD

Posted at 8:17 AM, Oct 12, 2020

INDIANAPOLIS — INDIANAPOLIS — There's a big decision on the way that could determine how rules and protocols are made for Indianapolis Metro Police and how much input private citizens could have on those guidelines.

"It would be a huge accomplishment for Indianapolis to lead the way in this added layer of accountability,” said Pastor Kenneth Sullivan Jr.

"Everybody, no matter your zip code or culture, everyone, should be able to exist. Should be able to live and exist with equality and safety,” added Sullivan.

Sullivan is the pastor at New Direction Church, and he's also apart of a group called Faith in Indiana. He thinks proposal 237 is a step in the right direction.

"This is something that we could believe would be a step towards unity and accountability, and helping the community, as well as the police departments, work to make sure there's a good relationship and everything is being viewed from both sides,” said Sullivan.

If passed on Monday, things will drastically change regarding the oversight of IMPD policies and rules. For instance, the final say for police could be taken away from the chief and given to a board of civilians designated to help.

"We have trust between communities, as well as the police departments that serves them,” added Sullivan.

Those who disagree with the proposal say the civilian board could walk over police, but pastor Sullivan believes there isn't a chance that will happen.

"It shows checks and balances,” Sullivan said.

WRTV will bring you the latest from the vote on Monday evening.