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Code 3 program teaches warning signs of teen drug use

Posted at 8:16 PM, Jul 22, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-22 20:21:48-04

INDIANAPOLIS — Drug use can go unnoticed by a teen's family and friends, so former law enforcement officials are stepping in to show you the potential warning signs.

In the bedroom of a teen who is using drugs, there are some signs you might not realize, so Code 3 talks to addicts and their family members to find red flag items. The organization travels in a mobile bus tour across the country in hopes of bringing awareness before another kid's life is lost to drug addiction.

In a mock-up of a teen's room, Code 3's Carrie Padgett teams up with RALI Indiana to show hidden signs of drug use.

"The kids are getting addicted every day," Padgett said. "Teenagers are very good at finding empty spots. The water bottle is actually sold online as a personal safe. It comes apart with drug paraphernalia inside."

Even small pieces of paper are a hiding spot.

"A piece of paper is very handy to put powder inside," Padgett said.

You can even see things aren't right by looking in your kid's closet.

"Most of the shoes have missing shoe laces because they've been pulled out and used as tourniquet," Padgett said.

Along with shoe laces, ties and belts for tourniquets, you should also watch for changing habits.

"As the addiction grows, hygiene goes down so you can see there's soot on the bed, little drops of blood," Padgett said.

If you notice any of these signs, talk with your child before it's too late.

"The earlier an intervention begins, the better chances of a good result," Padgett said.

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