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Concerns over possible Monon Trail speed limit in Broad Ripple

Posted at 11:13 PM, Apr 04, 2019

INDIANAPOLIS — It's Monon Trail season in central Indiana, and everyone wants to have a good experience. There a speed limit on the trail in Carmel, and some people in Broad Ripple want on there.

"There are a lot of bikes that go by really quickly," McCaela Thompson, an Indianapolis resident, said.

"While walking our dog sometimes she doesn't always know that there are bikes coming and she tends to run towards them instead of away from them," she said. "So if they're coming by really quickly it can be pretty dangerous."

That's why some people are saying it might be time for a speed limit like there is in Hamilton County. The speed limit varies between 15 and 20 mph that Carmel police have enforced in the past.

A spokeswoman for Indy Parks says if a speed limit were to be introduced, it would be up to Indy Parks and its legislative team to explore options for safety on the trails.

"It kinda gets into the whole argument about controlling how people use trails that are put down for them but also you gotta balance safety for that," Indy Parks said.

On the Monon Tail in Indianapolis, people are asked to:
Always be aware of your speed and trail conditions.
Be considerate of all trail users, especially small children, and senior citizens.
Communicate before passing others.
Share the trail courteously.

Just a reminder: scooters are not allowed on any trails in Indianapolis.