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Condition of west side road concerns residents

Posted at 11:30 PM, Aug 07, 2019

INDIANAPOLIS — A road described as crumbling has west side residents concerned about safety.

Bernice Anthony is one of many people worried about the condition of Wilson Road between Lafayette Road and Eagle Creek Park. She said several drivers have gone off the road and crashed because of the problem.

"Here's the issue as you're coming up this road there's all these drop-offs," Anthony said. "We don't have the barriers that you see on some roads that allow so you don't have cars that are falling off the road."

Cones on Wilson.jpg
Cones line the edge of Wilson Road on the west side of Indianapolis. Residents are concerned the edge of the road is crumbling and it is not safe for drivers.

The Indianapolis Department of Public Works said crews inspected the road after the issue was brought to the department's attention about two weeks ago.

They determined an emergency closure was not necessary, but they are working on a plan to update the road to prevent future problems.

For now, safety cones have been placed along the road.