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Couple deals with moving truck troubles after moving to Florida

Posted at 11:28 PM, Oct 09, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-09 23:28:14-04

INDIANAPOLIS — A couple moved from Indianapolis to Florida last week, but everything they own is still in Indianapolis.

Last month, Brandon and Randi Johnson got the phone call of their dreams: job offers to work in Florida. Randi got a job as a social worker, while Brandon will work as a bus mechanic at the Happiest Place on Earth — Disney World.

The longtime Perry Township couple packed their belongings, put their house up for sale and found a place to live in Winter Haven, Fla. But the near-perfect move turned sour after learning the truck carrying everything they own is still parked in Indianapolis.

"We've been sitting here since Saturday at 10:30 in lawn chairs, on an air mattress and no furniture," Randi said. "They keep telling us being rude, well if there was anything personal or valuable you should've took it with you. My whole house is personal and valuable, and they have all of it."

The Johnsons said they were assured their belongings would arrive in Florida on Oct. 5, at the earliest, way before Brandon starts his job Monday. Their most important item, a green tool box that holds all of Brandon's equipment, is still sitting nearly 1,000 miles away in a parking lot.

"I have to have my box there so I can start working on the buses. If I don't have my box, I won't be able to start I won't be able to start my job," Brandon said.

We called the moving company, Florida-based Empire Group, to try to get answers, but the supervisor would not answer any questions. Just minutes after speaking with RTV6, the same supervisor called the Johnsons and offered a full refund and helped make arrangements for the Johnsons to pick up their belongings themselves. Now they will be making an unexpected trip back to Indiana.

"In 30 hours, I can have the stuff down here myself. But I want every dime back! Period! If I have to do the work, they're not getting paid," Randi said.

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