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COVID-19 interrupting normal routines for Hoosiers

Posted at 4:56 PM, Mar 14, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-16 14:38:28-04

INDIANAPOLIS — Central Indiana is much different this weekend than we all expected a week ago.

Major events canceled, and public places shut down — all to curb the spread of COVID-19 and keep Hoosiers as safe as possible.

Every day, hundreds come to Central Library, but that is stopping this weekend, to cut back on the chances of spreading COVID-19.

For Kaikeyi Paxton, a regular at the library, and other young people, just about everything she does — going to the library, school and concerts — has been impacted by COVID-19. Although she understands why, it still doesn't stop her from being bummed about it.

"It's very sad because the coronavirus is shutting down the whole city," Paxton said.

People were out and about on Mass Ave Friday night, and although restaurants and bars were full of people, Antonio Telpharoah Tolliver says he's noticed a difference.

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"I've just seen a decline in traffic... The traffic volume is really low," Tolliver said.

As a supervisor with Park Indy, Tolliver says a Friday night along Mass Ave should be busier. He can't say for sure it's because folks are scared of catching COVID-19, but thinks it's playing a role.

"I was talking to a few customers, and their concerns were, 'Needlers' and 'Krogers' were basically running out of supplies. That's one of the main concerns inside the community," Tolliver said.

As we adjust to this new normal of being on alert for coronavirus, Tolliver offers up his advice.

"Live your lives; be cautious ... most definitely keep your hands clean, away from your mouth, eyes, nose ... your face in general," Tolliver said.

RTV6 talked to several businesses on Mass Ave. None of them would say whether or not they're slower than usual, but all of them want the community to know they're doing what they can to keep their restaurants and bars safe for customers.

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