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Damaged road creating dangerous situations for years

Posted at 6:39 PM, Jun 11, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-11 18:39:25-04

INDIANAPOLIS — Cones and barrels have been placed along a busy two-lane road in Camby, and it's presenting a significant safety concern for drivers on the southwest side.

It's leaving drivers to dodge a massive pothole that had left part of the road crumbling at East North County Line Road. In the video player above, you can see a large part of the road missing.

One resident who uses the road every day, Michael Denney, is worried that if it's not fixed, there could be a severe crash.

"I drive with my kids down this road every day twice a day, three times a day," Denney said. "Every time we go to baseball, every time we go to soccer."

He says this portion of the road has been an issue since 2013, and the large pothole continues to open up. According to Denney, the hole gets patched, but the asphalt always wears away.

"The big thing is, it fills up with water. When it fills with water, you can't see it," he explained. "You can't see how wide it is or how far into the road it is."

Denney reached out to RTV6 because over the last few months conditions of grown worse. And while cones and barrels have been placed out to alert drivers, no fix has been made.

"I watched a truck slam through that pothole not knowing it was as deep and as wide as it was. And actually, come into my side a little bit before they got back control," Denney said.

As RTV6 tried to figure out who was responsible for the damage, the newsroom spoke with a Morgan County Commissioner, who says this stretch of the road is the jurisdiction of Marion County and needs attention.

Indianapolis Department of Public Works confirms it is their road, as a result of our operations team out to the area and says it's now being scheduled for repairs.

Denney is hoping the solution is one that will last and improve safety for drivers.

"I don't know what they need to do to fix it permanently, but throwing asphalt on it is not the solution," Denney said.

RTV6 will continue to monitor this road and make sure repairs are made.

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