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Dog and owner must undergo training to be reunited

Posted at 6:42 PM, Apr 05, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-05 18:42:24-04

BROWNSBURG — A man's fight to save his pet is now taking a positive turn after his dog was scheduled to be put down for racking up several violations.

George Austin's dog, Dee Dee, was days away from being euthanized until RTV6 and a group called Street Outreach and Animal Response (SOAR) helped intervene.

Temporarily, Dee Dee is in a foster home in Indianapolis. She used to live in Brownsburg with Austin until the critical biting incident.

Terms have been laid out for Dee Dee's release.

"Dee Dee cannot be back in Hendricks County, ever," SOAR Director, Angela Hopson, said. "We will be responsible for Dee Dee's safety and care and the care of the community while we have her and no one will sue Hendricks County."

Austin is thankful that his dog's life was spared. He was playing with her during a supervised visit at the foster home and said he knows that things are going to change, but he still hasn't fully accepted responsibility.

"I deeply apologize for what did happen, but it was an accident," Austin said. "They are dogs; they bite, they bark, they poop, and they eat, you know."

"Our goal is educate George on how to better handle his dog and make sure the new property he moves to, there is proper fencing around the entire property," Hopson said. "We will do continuing training and working with Dee Dee. As you can see she is not dog aggressive. She has had a lack of socialization."

Dee Dee will not be released to Austin if Hopson does not feel he has learned his lessons well. Austin knows that too and savors the time he gets to spend with her while she is in foster care.

Austin's Hendrick County home is up for sale since Dee Dee can never go back there.

Austin says he will probably move out of Indiana. He is considering Iowa, Pennsylvania, and Colorado.

The pet owner just wants to find a place that he and Dee Dee and call home.