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East-side man files complaint after Wendy's employee dumps fryer oil in alley

Posted at 7:15 AM, Dec 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-23 07:15:39-05

INDIANAPOLIS — Matt Duffy recently filed a complaint against with the Marion County Public Health Department about a local restaurant, but it wasn't about their food.

"They have been dumping fryer oil in our alley. I'm not sure how long it's been happening and it almost caused us to get into a wreck," said Duffy, who lives on the east side.

His neighborhood's alley backs up to a Wendy's at 3323 E. Washington St.

"We make it out the alley," Duffy said. "Turn left to go up to the stop sign up to go out into the intersection and our truck just started sliding."

Duffy slid out into busy Washington Street. What made the situation scarier is that his daughter was with him when this happened.

Pictures of oil in an alley near Washington St and Sherman Dr.
Matt Duffy took pictures of fryer oil in an alley near Washington Street and Sherman Drive.

After first thinking something was wrong with his vehicle, Duffy finally figured out what had happened.

He said oil covered all of his tires and he tracked it back to the alley. He took pictures for proof.

After complaining, he learned he wasn't alone. One of his neighbors also nearly got into a wreck caused by the oil in their alley.

The Marion County Public Health Department told WRTV they cited Wendy's for the issue. After giving the restaurant a few weeks, it is in now in compliance.

A person who runs the Wendy's said they found the employee responsible for dumping oil into the alley. They want the community to know this won't ever happen again.

Duffy says he has not received an apology, but he hopes by speaking out, this won't happen again to anyone, anywhere.