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Fliers tossed around downtown Indianapolis target those experiencing homelessness

Posted at 12:01 AM, Aug 21, 2020

INDIANAPOLIS — Fliers focused on some of the serious issues downtown Indianapolis is now facing were tossed around and handed out to people.

The messages blame the mayor, City-County councilors, and those experiencing homelessness for the issues.

Less than a block from luxury apartments and sidewalks is an area many choose to ignore or perhaps don't know exists.

Several people call the sidewalks home, but not by choice.

"I don't want to stay out here forever," Shea said.

For personal reasons, she asked WRTV not to show her face but wanted to talk with us because she says someone pulled up right next to their small group and threw out a filer.

"Feel free to crap, urinate on my law, doorstep, driveway," the flier read.

"When have we ever done that? There's a porta-potty right there," Shea said.

Shea says the filer is upsetting because many people experiencing homelessness don't do the things listed on it (drugs, harassing people for money, etc.)

"Let's switch out for a day," Shea said. "Have us walk past y'all 'Woah look at these people.' Not knowing what y'all been through or anything about y'all."

Incidents like this are normal for people experiencing homelessness in the city. Shea says she is focused on the future and won't let anyone’s preconceived notions about her get in the way.

"I'm going to get my first tattoo and it's going to be a comma because my story isn't over yet."

Since the filer called out the mayor and City-County Council, WRTV reached out for a comment and is awaiting a response.