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Fortville drivers continue to push for traffic signal during delays

Posted at 7:38 PM, Jan 02, 2020

FORTVILLE — Drivers in a Hancock County town want to know the reason for the delay in making an intersection safer.

It is a concern RTV6 first reported on in November 2018 after several crashes at State Road 13 and State Road 67 in Fortville. Police in the town reported 12 more crashes in 2019.

"What is it going to take? At what point is it going to be serious enough to make something happen?" Megan Ewing said. "A lot of times because the way the intersection is, you have to darn near pull out onto Highway 67 to be able to turn right onto 67. It's a busy intersection with difficulty seeing and a lot of traffic."

After a traffic stuy, the Indiana Department of Transportation recognized the need for a traffic signal. However, the project was delayed in 2018 because INDOT thought it needed to acquire land. The design phase later showed there was not a need.

Contractors began bidding in March 2019.

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"You guys did an update on the story back in August saying the project would be completed in 2-to-3 weeks here we are on the first of January and still no stoplight," Ewing said.

New black poles, wiring and signs were added, but the traffic signals have not been installed. Right now, there is only a stop sign for drivers on State Road 13.

The frustration for drivers is evident. Just this week, a local realtor put out a skeleton with a sign saying, "No turn on red." The message behind it is the town of Fortville has had enough.

"I think he probably died waiting on the stop light to be installed," Ewing said. "While it might be a little bit funny, it does speak to the frustration that people in the town. Just please we are praying can we have the stoplight that we have been promised?"

RTV6 followed up with INDOT to find out why it's taking so long to get the traffic light installed here. A department spokeswoman said they are waiting on the contractor to get the supplies they need for installation and there is not a new completion date for the project.