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Foundation working to help fund funerals for fallen officers in Indiana

Posted at 2:30 PM, Jul 14, 2021

Many organizations in the Wabash Valley stepped up to pay for Det. Greg Ferency's funeral. But that's not always the case.

In 2019, WRTV learned that it's sometimes left to the officer's family to pick up the funeral bill. But, a foundation here in Indiana is working to change that.

Among the most solemn moments are the funerals of police officers. No matter the agency or the circumstances the ceremonies are poignant, personal, and profound.

In many cases, the families of fallen officers killed on the job have been responsible to pay for their funerals.

"My God, we have to do better than this. We have to be able to do better than this," Indiana State Police Supt. Doug Carter said.

A newly created group, the "Indiana Fallen Heroes Foundation" is setting out to do better.

The not-for-profit is creating a fund to cover funeral costs — everything from the casket to the carnations.

"I can't imagine after this is all done a funeral home delivering a bill," Carter said.

Images often spark the public's interest to contribute to social media campaigns, so this new effort wants to make sure families receive 100% of the money raised.

"We want to avoid Go Fund Me, the hap-hazard funds that are set up and established because of tax liability, and number two, with Go Fund Me, there's an administrative slice off of the top so all that money does not go to the family," Carter said.

Seeking to ease the immense grief of a loss, the foundation wants impacted families to focus not on the fees of a funeral, but on their loved one's life and legacy.

Detective Ferency's funeral was paid for by donation, but the Fallen Heroes Foundation is raising dollars to make sure police departments don't have to scramble during the funeral of a fallen officer.

Here's how you can donate to the Indiana Fallen Heroes Foundation.