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Getting results: Crews work to fix flooded hallway at northeast side apartments

Posted at 11:20 PM, Jan 19, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-19 23:20:59-05

INDIANAPOLIS — For more than a week, people living at a northeast side apartment complex have battled flood water in their hallway.

Maintenance came out and called a plumbing company last week, but by Saturday, the hallway at Hubbard Gardens near East 42nd Street and Sherman Drive was flooded again. Since there is no emergency maintenance number and the office was closed, David Hawkins called RTV6.

"Me and my neighbors decided, this is our only solution. Let's call somebody who might be able to get us some help," Hawkins said.

On Saturday, we called, emailed and sent a Facebook message to the management company, Millenia, which is based out of Ohio.

Sunday morning, we received a response saying they will let the management team at Hubbard Gardens know about the flooded hallway.

"The house manager showed up this morning it was a big surprise. Evidently someone must have contacted her," Hawkins said.

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A few hours later, a plumbing and water cleanup company arrived.

"Basically he told me he was going to get it cleared and push the water towards the drain he cleared," Hawkins said.

While the water has drained, Hawkins is now worried after talking to the house manager there is a bigger issue that needs to be resolved.

"She said, more than likely, they may have to bust up that floor," Hawkins said. "I'm no plumber, but something is wrong underneath there. This is the second time this week."

Until then, Hawkins said he is just glad something is being done.

"At least they are taking the initiative. It's probably because somebody contacted them," Hawkins said. "It was a shock for her to come out today."

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