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Help is on the way Indianapolis: Roads to be resurfaced in 2019

Posted at 5:08 PM, Mar 04, 2019

INDIANAPOLIS — We see it time and time again, cars swerving trying to avoid potholes, having to share the lane of traffic with other cars to avoid them.

Potholes are an issue throughout the city, which the Department of Public Works is trying to tackle street by street, as weather allows.

RTV6 drove around town to check out the streets scheduled to be repaved and heard which ones people are calling the worst of the worst.

"Emerson. Emerson Avenue. 38th Street," Sharon Reese, a northeast side resident, said.

Another northeast side resident said Allisonville Road. "I would say for me, Allisonville and Kessler tend to be the worst," Mark Wenclewicz said. "Although I know they have addressed both and they done some patching but still some work to do."

RTV6 crews revisited spots near Rockville and Bridgeport Road that reads "Welcome to the Grand Canyon." The chuck holes - which we reported on last year - are still present today.

Well, RTV6 is here to offer some relief. Roads like College Avenue, Southport Road, 52nd Street, 64th Street and dozens more will be resurfaced in 2019.

People are happy to hear help is coming.

"I'm appreciative. I thank the guys for being out in this kind of weather doing this," Tyler Pittman, north side resident, said. "I know it's bad and we have a lot to complain about, but still, they're doing a lot to get out in this and do what they have to do. It is a lot of it, I just hope this time it lasts longer."

Click here for the complete list of roads that are set to be resurfaced in 2019.

The list includes all roadway capital improvement projects, from resurfacing, street projects and bridge rehabilitation.

Need to report a pothole or file a pothole claim? Use the links and contact information below.

REPORT A POTHOLE | Report with Indianapolis-Marion County | Report with the Indiana Department of Transportation

Indianapolis: Mayor’s Action Center: 317-327-4622
State: 1-855-463-6848

FILE A POTHOLE CLAIM | File a claim with Indianapolis-Marion County | File a claim with the Indiana Department of Transportation