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South-side homeowners concerned after several crashes at roundabout

The most recent happened in June.
Edgewood and Gray
Posted at 9:04 PM, Jul 06, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-07 07:55:14-04

INDIANAPOLIS — A homeowner on Indianapolis’ south side is looking for answers after several crashes at Edgewood Avenue and Gray Road have resulted in damage to his home and property.

Residents who live near that intersection said that drivers speed through the roundabout and go off the road and into nearby yards.

“We were out in the pool enjoying a nice family day and then all of a sudden we heard an explosion, a boom, got out of the pool and found a car totaled in our driveway,” Devin Baker explained. "We've had multiple accidents on our actual property, not to mention the ones in the roundabout itself."

Baker said he's been documenting the wrecks for years.

He explained how the first major crash happened in 2015, shortly after the roundabout was installed. A car left the road and drove into the side of his house. Since then, he's had a slew of other issues. And the damage isn't the only costly repair, it's also impacting the ability to feel safe at home.

"It's heart wrenching. You worry 24 hours a day. We live in fear. Every noise that we hear it's just agonizing because we don't know what that noise is and there could be a potential crash into our house.

Baker filed a complaint with the Mayor's Action Center, asking for a guardrail to protect his home.

The Department of Public Works closed the complaint, and said guardrails were not feasible and would increase the probability of crashes or make them worse.

WRTV reached out to the Department of Public Works to see what homeowners in this situation should do. They explained there are no issues with the roundabout's infrastructure, but they will make sure all necessary signage is up. They also said drivers need to obey the speed limit in the area and slow down.

Baker said he still has major safety concerns and hopes something changes soon.

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