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Bridge closures coming as I-69 construction continues in Marion County

Posted at 8:39 AM, Jul 06, 2021

INDIANAPOLIS — Significant, extended road closures are on the horizon in southern Marion County.

Two bridges over I-465 are scheduled to close later this month. The existing Keystone Avenue and Mooresville Road Bypass Bridges will be reconstructed during the closures.

Between the North Split Project and now the I-69 Finish Line moving its way north, people in Marion County are starting to get detour-fatigue. At Rosedale Hills United Methodist Church, they're not only concerned about the people who worship there, but also the community they serve.

The bridge at Keystone Avenue will close on or after July 19.

INDOT spokeswoman Mallory Duncan says it will be closed for about four months. It's a closure that Pastor Amy Lee is concerned with for the people they serve at Rosedale Hills.

"Most people coming in will know roads to get here you know it'll just add to their commute and it won't I know it won't be an impact on them as other than an inconvenience," Pastor Lee said.

She says the impact will be seen at the "blessing box." Lee says a lot of people walk or ride their bikes over the bridge to get to it.

"So when I saw a sign that the bridge is going to be closed, that was the first thing I thought of is everyone coming from the north on Keystone, especially the Fox Club Apartments that are just at the bridge, it will impact them on how they, you know, how often they can come; what they can carry if they're walking or riding their bike," Lee said.

Lee says she knows the community in this neighborhood will make sure everyone is taken care of in the end.

Again, the project is part of the I-69 Finish Line Project, which will connect Indiana from Evansville to Fort Wayne.

"We're going to have a brand-new interstate when we're done. So this is a closure for the future," Duncan said. "It will help you in the next year, or the year after that, when we start to do more major work in Marion County."

"Of course it's always nice to make sure the bridges are in good operating order, and you know, not a problem to travel on, so yeah it's always worth it. It's just in the meantime ... it's not fun," Lee said.

Lee says they will continue to fill their blessing box outside the church in hopes that it continues to serve the surrounding community.