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Identity theft victim jailed for auto theft her brother says she didn't commit

Posted at 10:48 PM, Oct 04, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-04 23:18:36-04

GREENFIELD — It might be the most bizarre case of identity theft you've ever heard. An Indiana man said his sister is in jail after someone used her ID to test drive a car that was never returned.

Kristen Parr is in the Hancock County Jail after she was arrested for auto theft, and her brother, Jacob O'Dell said she's innocent.

"This isn't right," O'Dell said. "This isn't how things are supposed to go. No one seems to want to help here."

O'Dell said the ordeal began in February when the family was celebrating a birthday at Circle Centre Mall and Parr left her purse at a restaurant.

"When she realized she left it, she went up there and it was gone," O'Dell said. "She immediately called the IMPD and the officer came out and did a report."

Parr called the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, and a family member snapped a photo of an officer taking the report. RTV6 independently obtained a copy of that report.

"She had gotten notifications that her credit cards were being used at local restaurants," O'Dell said. "She had called and canceled all the credit cards."

O'Dell said his sister went to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles the next business day and got a new license.

"We thought everything was good," he said.

That's when O'Dell said the fraudulent activity started.

"In July, she got a call stating that someone had test drove a vehicle at a dealership in Indy," O'Dell said. "She said no that was not her the Lawrence Police department had everything corroborated they said it wasn’t her. They could see that, so they did not pursue it."

RTV6 also obtained that police report and spoke with the employee of the dealership who let the woman using Parr's ID test drive the vehicle. We sent her a picture of Parr. The employee said it wasn't Parr who took the car.

Parr was never charged, but then O'Dell said it happened again last week.

"A person went into an auto store there in Greenfield and was test driving a vehicle and did not bring the vehicle back to the dealer," O'Dell said.

O'Dell said the person used his sister's ID again, and when Parr learned about a warrant for her arrest, she contacted police and said it wasn't her, but she agreed to come make a statement on Monday.

"Between 10:30 and 11, she was getting ready for bed," O'Dell said. "There were six police cars. She stepped outside and they had arrested her."

Hancock County offices closed Friday for Riley Days, a festival held in the county.

"So she is sitting in jail until Monday at 8:30 a.m. for a court hearing," O'Dell said. "She's in total shock. She's devestated."

RTV6 reached out to Greenfield police for details on the case. The department said investigators looked into the complaint Friday night.

"Absolutely, there is no way," O'Dell said when asked if there is any possibility in his mind that his sister stole the car. "She feels like she's not being heard. No one is taking it seriously. She's worried about her job. She's worried about losing her position at work. She's worried about financial repercussions and just her name.

"No one seems to want to help here."


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