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IMPD, community leaders plan gun buyback event to help reduce violence in Indianapolis

Posted at 6:31 PM, Oct 14, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-14 18:31:17-04

INDIANAPOLIS — Authorities in Marion County and community leaders are working together to plan a gun buyback event in Indianapolis.

People who have unused or unwanted guns can turn them in at the event and get cash. All you need is an ID.

In 2018, event organizers collected 181 guns during the event and they are hoping get even more guns off the streets this year.

"We have an epidemic in this city with the gun violence and this is one way to try and combat that," Shonna Majors, Indianapolis Director of Community Violence Reduction, said. "We do it with the partnership of the community to bring people out to kind of give them more than just a place to drop off their guns."

Organizers will also be handing out safety locks and other gun safety resources.

Lucia Sheeman, a domestic violence survivor, now runs Violence Free Living. The organization works with people who make violent decisions to try and help them get their life on a better path.

"If we don't start helping the abuser, the violent person it is going to stay the same we are never going to see our statistics go down," Sheeman said.

While a date for the event has been confirmed, organizers say they hope to have the event scheduled soon.

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