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Indiana Donor Network breaks monthly record in July

Posted at 11:20 PM, Aug 21, 2020

INDIANAPOLIS — The Indiana Donor Network is celebrating breaking records, despite the challenges it's facing because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In July, 92 organs were recovered for patients on the national transplant waiting list.

"The way that our healthcare providers, our hospitals, the department of health, all came together to make sure donation continued to be impactful and save lives, but also advanced it during such a complicated time, is an amazing feat," Steven Johnson, CEO of Indiana Donor Network, said. "I think it is just a great testament to human kindness and the wonderful nature of Hoosiers.

When Bonnie Morin lost her son, Scott, during a shooting in 2009, she remembers meaning it saved the life of someone in need.

"His heart stopped in 30 seconds," Morin said.

She says she stayed with him until the very end.

"My son was an organ donor on his license, but I would have made the decision regardless because I know the importance of it," Morin said.

Ten years later, she is able to talk about it without breaking down into tears.

"The only major organ he gave was lung and he gave it to a gentleman with the same lung disease that I have," Morin said.

You can learn more about the Indiana Donor Network on its website.