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Indiana veteran asks for help and a local group steps up

Posted at 9:50 PM, Jun 27, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-27 21:50:10-04

INDIANAPOLIS — A disabled veteran in our community is desperate for help. He's struggled to take care of his home to the point the health department had to get involved.

Kevin Greve is a disabled veteran who served in the army and national guard, who now lives alone.

"Back in December I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure," Greve said. "I don't really have a lot of people I can count on."

His roof requires repair, he has tall grass, and other structural issues prompted a neighbor to call the health department on him.

"Instead of coming over to say, 'hey neighbor do you need help,' they would rather call the government in," Greve said.

RTV6 searched for veteran outreach groups and came across 'Helping Heroes of America.' They're a local group that helps vets with yard work and home repairs.

"My family is military, a lot of the people that are with the organization have military backgrounds," Jennifer Highwood, founder of Helping Heroes of America, said. "I've always had a passion for it, and I couldn't join, so this is my way of giving back."

Highwood and her contractor, Sisson Floors & More, who does the work for free, came out immediately. They've decided to repair Greve's home at zero cost.

"We are just a group of people that want to help and to make a difference in the community," Highwood said.

Helping Heroes has helped thousands of veterans over the past four years. The group helps with past due bills, car payments and eviction notices.

The group has done over $7 million worth of repairs and relies solely on fundraising and donations.

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