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Indianapolis family wants speed bumps to slow speeding drivers in their neighborhood

Posted at 10:29 PM, Jun 20, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-20 22:29:12-04

INDIANAPOLIS — Many families have to deal with drivers zipping past residential areas across Central Indiana. One Indianapolis mother says she's scared for her children and wants the city to take action.

Mere steps away from the Taylor family's home on New Jersey Street is the perfect patch of land for a playground. The only problem is getting there while dodging speeding cars.

"This where all of the neighborhood kids play," Carina Taylor, who lives on New Jersey Street, said. "Probably about four of these houses down here have kids in them so we have to cross the street a lot, and of course I watch them very very closely, but it still makes me extremely nervous."

Taylor, a wife and mother to two children says that during the day traffic isn't so bad, but during the afternoon rush, drivers use her residential street — which doesn't have speed limit signs — as another way around the traffic back-ups on Fall Creek Parkway Drive.

In a move to slow drivers down, she's hoping the city will install speed bumps on her street.

"I would almost pay for them if we needed to. Speed bumps would really slow down the people speeding through here especially during rush hour," Taylor said. "There's probably ten to 15 cars that just speed down this street at five o'clock in the evening."

On Taylor's behalf, RTV6 reached out to the City of Indianapolis to see what could be done to make her street safer. They directed us to a city website where you can download a document called 'The Street Change Policy Petition' which can eventually be submitted to the city.

While the petition doesn't guarantee your request will be granted, it is the necessary step residents need to take before a traffic study is initiated to see if these changes are warranted.

Taylor says that's a task she is willing to take on.

Learn how to submit other types of requests, including what it takes to improve the streets in your neighborhood, here.