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Indianapolis high school gives Thanksgiving meal, food to students

Posted at 9:45 PM, Nov 25, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-25 21:45:12-05

INDIANAPOLIS — One Indianapolis school came up with a solution to help families unable to provide food or a Thanksgiving meal for their kids over the holiday break.

At Providence Cristo Rey High School, a private high school on the west side of Indianapolis for low-income and minority students, students and their families will be given a Thanksgiving meal.

For people like Dale Illingworth, a parent, wrestling coach and substitute teacher, this helps takes a lot of the burden off.

"For me, it just takes a lot of burden off of providing and we can relax more I guess," Illingworth said. "It's calming, no more anxiety, stress is relieved."

Nearly 60 families took home bags or boxes with bread rolls, potatoes, vegetables, and turkeys.

"We also offer food boxes that students can take home, or bags of food, from our food pantry and support from Second Helpings," Leslie Napora, the school's principal said. "So they can have other regular meals throughout the time to make sure that when kids aren't here and they're home full-time, they're still eating healthy food. That their whole family is able to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal together."

If you would like to receive assistance from Second Helpings, you can visit its website.

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