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Indianapolis neighborhood's pothole repair requests left in limbo

Posted at 9:53 PM, Jun 13, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-13 21:53:45-04

INDIANAPOLIS — We've heard it a million times: If you see a pothole, report it.

People have been trying to report massive potholes in a south side neighborhood, but when they call the city or use the app, they're told they can't report them.

It can be hard to tell just how deep this neighborhood's potholes are, but if you take a cone and put it inside (you can see this demonstration in the video player above), it looks more like a crater as you can see how deep it is.

The residents in the Green Lea Acres subdivision say it's more of an issue with them not being able to report the potholes to the city. The residents in the neighborhood have tried to call the Mayor's Action Center to report the pothole, but every time the city says Percheron Lane is not the city's responsibility.

"Several times, I was told we don't live on a city street. Well, if I don't live on a city street, why do I pay city taxes, and why do they pick up our trash?" Sharron Gimbel, a homeowner in the neighborhood, said. "They'll fill the holes over here on the Fetlock, but they won't fill ours."

RTV6 even tried to report the potholes using the Request Indy app, but we received an error saying it was a private street and to contact the complex management, associate, or developer to request service.

The problem: There is no Homeowners Association anymore, and there hasn't been for years.

RTV6 found the old HOA, but it was dissolved in 2011, and records show that the listed registered agent on the HOA is deceased.

However, the city says the road itself is still considered private property and tax records show that listed HOA, even though it doesn't exist anymore, doesn't pay any property taxes.

The city says state laws don't allow them to use road funding dollars to fix private property.

So, for now, it's up in the air.

The city says they are going to start looking into it and having a neighborhood advocate reach out to residents.

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