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Indianapolis police chief discusses violent start to 2020

Posted at 5:53 PM, Jan 10, 2020

INDIANAPOLIS — Prayers asking for an end to the violence brought people together during the lunch hour Friday at the City-County Building.

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department chief Randal Taylor was present at the vigil as the latest figure shows nine people killed so far this year in Indianapolis.

"Certainly not happy with that kind of start to the new year," Taylor said. "Fortunately, the detectives have done a good job, they made arrests in a few of those."

Taylor said difficult discussions must occur in the city's minority communities. Most of the suspects and victims of violence are people of color. He said he promises not to preach, but to promote a message that current situation must change.

"Some of these conversations will be with the African-American community and the some with the Latino community, as well," Taylor said. "It's our people that are doing it and so speaking as a African-American male, I know we are better than this."

Violence has impacted the chief's life. In November 1998, his father-in-law Prince Chapman was killed by a juvenile in Fort Wayne.

"I'm using that to motivate myself and others to look at these issues prior to someone ending up in the coffin," Taylor said.

Prayers might not be for everyone, but for a chief who leans on faith, he knows he will not be alone in the journey ahead.