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Indianapolis resident left without operating A/C for weeks after contacting management

Posted at 10:17 PM, Jul 02, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-02 22:17:52-04

INDIANAPOLIS — A high of 90-degree heat with no air conditioning can be unbearable, and an Indianapolis woman says her air conditioning unit in her apartment complex has not worked in weeks. That's also the case, she says, for others in her apartment complex.

The resident who lives in the Greenway Apartment complex on the east side of Indianapolis didn't want her face exposed on-camera, nor her name to be known but called RTV6 after repeatedly asking apartment management to fix the air.

The woman says that while the temperatures get hotter outside, her son, who has asthma struggles inside.

"He's wheezing at night. He's coughing really bad at night. He has to get breathing treatments a lot," the mother said. "It's causing him to really get sick."

After sending numerous work orders and multiple phone calls, her efforts have done no good.

"Every time we call, we get no response. We've even called blocked a couple times, and they'll answer that call," the resident said. "But they won't answer a regular number, and they just refuse to fix it."

Multiple residents say its been so bad that they asked management for a temporary unit but were told there were no more to give.

In Indiana, buildings are not required to have air conditioning, but under Indiana law, landlords are required to keep all appliances and equipment installed at move-in 'good and safe working condition.'

"Which is one of the reasons why I moved in an air-conditioned unit," the mother said.

RTV6 went to the apartment leasing office to get more details on the AC complaint but was told the property manager wasn't in and that the newsroom would get a call back later.

"I've called the health department, made multiple complaints and haven't even gotten a phone call back, but when I reached out to you, you contacted me immediately," the resident said.

RTV6 has yet to hear back from the apartment complex.

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