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Indianapolis woman begs property manger to fix leaking ceiling

Posted at 7:53 PM, Jul 17, 2019

INDIANAPOLIS — An Indianapolis woman's ceiling has been leaking for months, and she's asked her property managers to fix it — but that hasn't happened yet.

"I just want my home to be safe," Phyllis Alexander said. "I've put in many work orders."

Alexander's kitchen is not safe, with cracks in the ceiling, causing it to leak. And it's been like that for months.

She gets assistance through section 8 housing and lives in a one-floor duplex managed by Supreme Property Management on the northeast side of the city.

"I try as much to stay out of there, so I don't inhale that mold," Alexander said. "But you could pretty much smell it when you come in the house."

She's begged them to fix the leak in her kitchen, which might be stemming from a problem with the roof, and says it's gotten so bad that leaks are happening all over her counter and floor, to the point she is unable to cook.

"I pay rent every month. I don't tear up my house… And I shouldn't be going through this," Alexander said.

RTV6 spoke with a leasing manager at Supreme Property Management. They say they've been out several times before and done patchwork to repair the leak. But Supreme Property says they've decided to replace the roof entirely and say they're getting bids now on who will do the work.